Sep 10, 2017 10 00 AM MDT
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Shedra Primer ‘17 with Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel Talk 4

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Shedra Primer ‘17 with Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel Talk 4

POISING THE MIND FOR INSIGHT: Engaging analytical meditation as a devotional path      
Sunday: Sept. 10, 2017 10 – 12 pm MT  
Includes 30 days of video on demand. 
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When you take up the task of your own awakening through direct investigation, it gives spirituality traction in the context of your day-to-day life. We cannot expect spiritual transcendence while entrenched in the realm of fixed ideas and vague assumptions. The analytical approach of “Madhyamaka “or the Middle Way, is a progressive and powerful path designed to free our minds from suffering and confusion. 

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel describes the teachings of the Middle Way as, “magical,” and the investigative approach to insight as a devotional pursuit. In this 5-talk weekend she will introduce us to the very most central Buddhist principle: interdependence, and guide us through many analytical meditations, and lively discussions. 

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